Who doesn’t love Fall! The air turns crisper, the leaves are changing, and pumpkins are everywhere. It is also the season when decorating for colder months begins! We were inspired to bring to you a fall décor styling DIY as something light and cheerful to add to this year. Keep reading to discover tips and tricks to create a beautifully decorated home this October. We took over our Macan showhome in Secord Heights to highlight our styling tips!

Fall Styling Tip 1: Find your Focal Points

There is no need to spend enormous amounts of money on seasonal décor. Instead, find focal points in your home that stand out to you and guests. What are your favourite features in your home? Where do your guests gather when they are over? In the Macan, we chose to focus our décor on the main floor. This space has a custom fireplace, a beautiful kitchen and picture-perfect foyer when guests walk in.

Fall Styling Tip 2: Fancy Foyer

The first place to start styling is your front entrance. This immediately sets the tone for your seasonal décor as it is the first place you and your guests see! In the Macan we started with the basic furniture already in the foyer, a white bench and area rug. From there we added white décor pumpkins, sunflowers, a cozy throw blanket, and seasonal wall hangings. This little DIY was simple, and easy to execute while making a large impact!

Fall Styling Tip 3: Trendy Table

Your dining table is a key piece to your main floor. If you host thanksgiving you want to have a tablescape your guests will talk about! Add a table runner, cloth napkins, floral arrangement for the centerpiece and real candles for ambience. Bring out those fancy plates, glasses, and cutlery you have been dying to use for such an occasion. Also, consider having a charcuterie spread on a beautiful wooden display board for when your guests arrive!

Fall Styling Tip 4: Mesmerize the Mantel

There is no better place to spruce up with fall décor than your mantel! This small space can have a large impact when styled correctly. In the Macan we took plant clippings from the local pathways and pond edges to create our own garland. As well as picking up fresh sunflowers from the local grocery store! This DIY garland cost us less than $10 and made a lovely fall mantel piece!  

Fall Styling Tip 5: Shop your Home

Many blankets, pillows, small accessories, and artwork we used in our fall décor was found throughout the home! It is a great idea to ‘shop’ your own home before going out to purchase new items. Not only are you re-using what you have, but it also can double for seasonal décor, win-win!

🍂Happy Styling!🌻