With the housing market hot in our city it’s time to look at top ideas on how to help your home stand out and sell quickly to potential buyers. You want your home to look at it’s best and most impressive form for sales. Look through our blog at our tips and tricks to get started!

1. Focus On Your Features:

The first step in the staging process is look to see what your most 'stand out' features or rooms are in your home. Typically, buyers are looking more extensively at the great room or family living spaces, kitchen, and master bedroom. Pay more attention when getting these rooms ready forphotos or walk throughs. You want these areas to stand out and appeal to potential buyers.

2. Declutter:

You want your home to appeal to everyone, not just your families’ style. This is an important step in staging. You do not want to distract buyers with your personal family photos, kid or pet toys, messy countertops, and all around ‘clutter.’ Buyers want to see themselves living in the home, not your home. Assess your furniture too and simplify as much as possible. Give enough for buyers to see how large the rooms are with minimal furniture and décor. Go through your home room by room and look through a ‘buyers lens.’ If you were walking through this home what would turn you off? What comments would you make? Have a friend walk through and take note on what they see- this will help you depersonalize your space to appeal to buyers!

3. Careful With Colour:

Buyers are looking for a fresh start and a clean slate to make their own memories. If you have rooms with bold colours, it’s best to remove those. You may need to quickly paint a kid’s room for a more neutral colour, strip beds to plain bedding and remove bold artwork to not deter buyers. Some people have a difficult time envisioning the space without these items, so it’s best to do this before in order to show them the bare necessities. If you need help, look at showhomes to see what staging to the public looks like! Designers typically do not go too bold in colour for showhomes and like to highlight the best features in the home while maximizing space.


Now is the time to do the ‘spring’ cleaning we always say we are going to do. Having a clean home for photos and walk throughs for buyers is so important! You could lose an offer if the home does not look well cared for or looks like it has not been cleaned recently. Pay attention to baseboards, grout, wall scuffs, large holes, dusty blinds and kitchen and bathroom grime. Do a deep cleaning or hire a professional cleaning company to do the dirty work for you.

5. Light It UP!

Lastly, let there be light! When showing your home you want it to look well lit, spacious and bright. Turn on all the lighting in your home and open all the blinds. Dark areas do not sell well, so pay close attention to areas that need a little more help than others. Lighting is an important feature as it can set the mood for certain spaces. Look at switching lightbulbs to a warm glow versus a cool blue tone. Warm light makes buyers feel welcomed and wanting to stay!

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you prep your home for a sale. We can’t wait to see you at our showhomes to build your new dream home! Book an appointment here  to get started!