It’s that time of year again! Who doesn’t love decorating for the holidays? Adding seasonal décor to our homes has us feeling the festive spirit! We styled our Aviator Showhome in Saxony Glen to show you some quick tips and tricks to decorate like a pro!

Color Codes

When choosing a holiday color scheme for your home, its important to consider what hues you already have. If your home is on the more cozy- traditional side, try using the classic red and green colors to enhance your home. If you have accents of metallics already, add in sparkling gold or silver to elevate your look. If your home is more modern greys, add in cooler colours like blues and silvers to have the wintery glow.

Tree Tidings

If you set up a tree for your celebrations, make sure to “fluff” the tree from the very inside branches to the exterior tips (if it’s artificial). Missing this step will result in a very stagnant slim tree, which we don’t want! Next, add lights and decorations! When using ornaments, place them on the outside and inside branches! By placing decorations on the inside of the tree, you can hide any gaps that branches don’t cover, as well as making your tree look fuller!

Divine Dining

Although this holiday season will look different than previous years, we can still have a beautiful set table for our own enjoyment! Creating a wintery table centerpiece is a great focal point for holiday décor. Try using accessories you already own and add in festive décor. Take vases and add holly berry or sparkling branches. Or nestle ornaments and pinecones in a glass bowl, with surrounding candles. The possibilities are endless!

Plaid Perfection

A quick way to add festive cheer- incorporate a wintery plaid! This pattern comes in a variety of colours and designs. Around the holidays, you should have no problem finding it! Simply add a couple of bows, or a throw blanket to your space and it will be feeling cozier and more festive than when you first started!

Secret Shopper

Styling your home for the holiday season does not have to be expensive. Some of our favourite stores to shop at are: Canadian Tire, Homesense, Walmart, and Dollarama! The best way to buy what you want for decorating? Start boxing day! The moment the most festive season is over, the sales are OUT! Take advantage of sales and clearances to stock up on décor for next year.

Happy Holidays!