DESIGNER LIVING IN WALDEN Picture this – you are the proud owner of a


Picture this – you are the proud owner of a Designer Bungalow Villa in the wonderful community of Walden. How do you feel? Perhaps you are smiling and excited to be living in a fresh new space, perfectly suited to you. Your start the day in your bright, spacious kitchen. While your coffee is brewing, you pause to admire the sun slowly making its way into your open concept home. You hear birds chirping outside and there is not a cloud in the sky. It is going to be a good day.

With your warm mug in hand and cozy slippers on your feet, you make your way to your covered front porch. This is your favourite part of the day – cozying up with a good book and taking in the fresh air, just before the rest of the world wakes up. Your surroundings are quiet and peaceful. It is everything you imagined it would be and more.

Some time goes by and you notice your neighbour walking one of the many natural trails surrounding your home. You partake in a casual chat and he invites you to join him on his walk. Excited to get some morning exercise, you run to your large mudroom and grab your walking shoes. You and your neighbour head down the trail, making your way to the nearby park. Resting on a park bench, you spend some time catching up on life. What a great way to start the morning!

Once you arrive back home, you’re officially ready to start your work day! Working from home is a breeze with so much living space. You grab your laptop and take a seat at your extra large kitchen island. After a while of answering emails, your stomach starts grumbling. Time for breakfast! The kitchen is your absolute favourite part of the house. How nice it is to have brand new appliances, gleaming countertops and so much storage!

5:00 PM arrives and you notice that bright sunlight is still shining into your home. The large windows throughout your home really make a difference! You relax in your beautiful great room, catching up on the latest shows until you realize you are out of ingredients for dinner. Getting ready to head to the grocery store, you peek out the window and see that it has started raining. Thankfully, your double attached garage will shield both you and your vehicle from the weather conditions.

Time to relax and unwind! Another favourite part of your day. As you make your way to the ensuite, you pause to admire your gorgeous master bedroom – your dream bedroom! You run a bath and select your favourite bath bomb. Your 5-piece ensuite is absolute perfection! With double sinks, fighting for counter space is a thing of the past. As you relax in your freestanding tub, you reflect on your day. You think about the wonderful neighbourhood you live in, your dream home, friendly neighbours, and how happy you are with your decision to purchase a Designer Bungalow Villa in Walden.

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