Kitchen design is an integral part of a home. Whether it be the layout, functionality, color, or appliances, design is evident. Focusing more on aesthetics, this blog highlights the top 10 trending kitchen design items of 2020 so far!

1. Marble Madness

Kitchen countertops are leaning towards the bold and beautiful look of marble. Whether it's man-made or natural this look is stunning!

2. Backsplash Beauties

Now’s the time to explore your creative side! Try adding in a mosaic, or patterned tile to your backsplash. Keep it neutral to avoid getting too cluttered looking but still a visual treat for your eye! Or, bring your countertop up as your backsplash. Large slabs are trending in 2020!

3. Black is the New Beige

Can we say new neutral?! Black is back is a big way and it is here to stay. Originally coming back into design over a year ago, matte black anything and everything is a massive design trend. See this in cabinets, hardware, faucets, sinks, and lighting. Black is our new neutral.

4. Colorful Cabinets

Although white cabinets are still trending and will be for their timeless nature, trends are looking at adding a color to your cabinets. Look at incorporating soft neutrals like gray, sage green, or light blue for a pop of color in your kitchen.

5. Sweet Shelves

Exposed kitchen storage is beautiful! Hang shelves in your kitchen to showcase collectibles, like grandma’s teacups, or even your own dishes! It gives a more casual feel to your space, while still incorporating kitchen storage.

6. Sleek and Simple Cabinets

Trends are getting away from large crown molding or added decorative upper cabinets. Look to extending your uppers to reach the ceiling as one large cabinet. This gives extra usable storage and a clean, sleek look.

7. Standout Sinks

Stainless steel no more! For an elevated kitchen look, change up your sink by using color. Silgranit is a great product that does not chip, stain or scratch- and comes in several colors!

8. Gorgeous Gold

We have all seen kitchens using gold accents by now. This trend is still gorgeous, and pairs beautifully with just about any color. Accent on black cabinets for a striking contrast or go more subtle on grey for a pretty touch.

9. Secret Storage

It’s time to get clever in the kitchen. Trends are seeing hidden pantry cabinets, covered hood vents and appliances. Using matching cabinet fronts over appliances, and pantry cabinets gives your kitchen a seamless look, while keeping all your items in their place!

10. Warm Woods

Did you ever think 1980’s oak would have it’s time in the spotlight again? Think again! Warm woods are making a comeback in a big way. Try using wood as an accent material in your kitchen, whether it be just the island, in open shelves, or on the floor- we are noticing this trend coming back. Stay away from orange tones, and bring in blonde, or walnut tones for a touch of warmth!